MAYAPURI Hare Krishna Tulsi Japa Mala/Prayer Rosary with Radha Krishna Printed Japa Mala Bag/Chanting Bag (Set of 1)

Japa Mala/Prayer Rosary with Japa Bag/Chanting Bag


  • ✔Made in MAYAPUR (Nabadwip Dham) in West Bengal
  • ✔Jaap Mala Bag/Gaumukhi Bag with Tulsi Japa Mala with Sakshi Mala | Suitable for Mantra Jap
  • ✔This Gaumukhi Bag is Made of Very High Quality Cotton Cloth & has the image of Digital Printed Radha Krishna
  • ✔Jholi/Chanting Bag with Zip Pocket with Mala Counter | Safety for Mala (Set of 1)
  • ✔Easy to Carry | Size: 10 inches and breadth- 10 inches, Japa Mala Size: 42 inches. 108 Beads Original

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Good Quality Beautiful Digital Radha Krishna Printed Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mantra Jaap Japa Bag/Chanting Bag/Gomukhi Bag, made of cotton printed cloth, durable, soft and washable. This bag has a Zipper Pocket. The bag has a proper string for proper hanging. Mala pocket for worship. Crafted from cotton material. Comes in Krishna Printed. Size: 10 inches and breadth- 10 inches. Japa Mala Size: 42 inches. 108 Beads Original.

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