MAYAPURI Ancient Musical Instrument Khartal/Narada/Khadtal/Dronaindia (Brown) Plastic Handled (1 Pair)

Ancient Musical Instrument Kartal/Narada/Khadtal/Dronaindia (1 Pair)


  • ✔This Hand Kartal can be used in Puja-Bhajans
  • ✔Classical Look, Hand Kartal, Chrome Plated Brass Jingal
  • ✔Material: Plastic & Chrome Plated Brass | Comes with 2 Pieces (1 Pair)
  • ✔Hand Kartal Size: Length- 7.5 inches x Width- 3 inches | Colour: Brown
  • ✔Made in Nabadwip Dham (Mayapur) in West Bengal

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Kartal/Karatal is a Hand percussion instrument from India. This kartal/Karatal pair is another form of Manjira or Hand Cymbal. This Kartal pair is consist of a plastic frame with two long, straight handles that connect to each other with two short plastic handles; the open space between the long handles has a plastic separator that separates two rows of three brass cymbal. There are also small cymbals fixed into plastic blocks forming another type of instrument.

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